Z5 Ultra Thin - White

Over the past 3 years I have wanted to do this! I have spent an incredible amount of time, effort and resources trying to envision what the perfect bracelet would look and feel like. More than once I have given up and moved onto different things, …


Creating a bracelet which is not only beautiful, but also comfortable, is in itself a challenge beyond all comprehension. An obsessive amount of attention to detail is demanded, simply to ensure that the bracelet doesn’t pull or pinch the small hairs on the wrist. A simple task right? Not a big deal perhaps? This problem, as trivial as it may sound, would be enough for me personally, to never wear a certain watch despite how much I may like the design of the watch!
The tapering of the bracelet is another crucial part when it comes to the comfort of the bracelet. The tapering needs to be done in a way as not to ruin the beautiful lines of the case itself but at the same time it needs to taper enough for the back of the bracelet to be thin and allow the wrist to move freely without actually feeling the bracelet.
A soft satin finish, cushioned links plus centre links, bevelling, polishing. The things you immediately notice when you put on this watch. The images, believe it or not, are not renderings or even edited, they are straight of the camera, so; “what you see is what you get”! That is a guarantee!
Another thing which was very important to me personally. The clasp is hidden by cutting out the back of the inside of the bracelet, allowing the clasp to disappear into the bracelet when the watch is closed. This results in a flat profile and needles to say, an extremely comfortable experience.


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