Watch Protection

WS Pro By WatchShells

Preserve the pristine condition of your luxury watches with WatchShells' clear film protectors. Our patented design allows you to enjoy your timepieces without worry, safeguarding against swirls and scratches, and eliminating the need for polishing. With WatchShells, you get superior protection for up to 54 watch parts—more coverage than any other brand—without the extra cost of luxurious packaging

Proven Color Durability

As evident from the inspection results, the film discoloration value for products exposed to xenon headlamps for 1,000 hours stands at an impressively low 1.0. This extensive 1,000+ hour Xenon Headlamp Exposure Test was conducted by the esteemed Korea Testing & Research Institute, confirming the product's exceptional color retention. With a color difference value of 0.8 to 1.2 considered within the same color range during production, you can trust in the consistent quality and color integrity of our products.

WatchShell: Tested for Safety

WatchShells are cutting-edge watch protection films that have undergone rigorous testing for primary skin irritation and cytotoxicity, following the ISO10993-5 guideline, ensuring their safety and reliability.